Defining some common terms


Strictly speaking it means "gospel proclaiming." It is typically applied to a church or individual who believes that the Bible is the Word of God and that salvation is through Jesus Christ alone.


Deliverance from Hell  or, the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:15). Evangelicals hold to a literal place of eternal torment as taught in the Word of God.


The principle of rebellion against God. "It is self-will, ignoring or opposing the will of God" (Carlton Helgerson).


A group that deliberately distorts the clear teachings of the Word of God, the Bible. In particular, a denial of the full deity or humanity of Christ.

Apostasy (Biblical)

A turning away from the teachings of the Word of God, the Bible.

Born Again

A term usually applied to Bible believing Christians. It was first used by Jesus to illustrate the necessity of the spiritual birth in order to enter the kingdom of God (See chapter 3 of the Gospel of John)