How can I learn more?

1) The following booklets are provided free of charge:

God's Bridge to Eternal Life - A simple explanation of salvation.
A Bird's-Eye Tour of the Holy Bible - An overview of the main sections of the Bible, written in easy to understand terms.

Please refer to Contact Details


2) An Introductory Study in the Gospel of John

This study runs periodically throughout the year. Check Church News & Events (on the Home page) or the Church Event Calendar for the next class. Click here for more information about this class.

3) A Personal Visit

We would be glad to visit you at your home and explain our ministry. I am always accompanied by my wife when visiting a lady. Please refer to Contact Details.

4) Attend a Service

You are welcome to attend our services on the Lord's Day and during the week. Click here for directions and times.

5) Email

You are welcome to email any questions you may have regarding our ministry or the Word of God. We will make every effort to answer you in a timely fashion and as best we can. Please allow a few days for an answer if your question is involved.