Men's Meetings

Men's meetings are held once or twice a year in order to challenge men in their Christian walk. The subject of the meetings is generally topical or may address a current issue impacting the Christian church or family.

 Men's BreakFast Seminar - Aug/13th  

Subject: PostModernism  ( Press here to go to a short atricle on the subject)

Speaker: Wally Stephenson (see Biography below)

Prayer: 8:00AM;  Breakfast: 8:30AM; Meeting 9:00AM

Cost: €5

Press Hearn Hotel for directions.

Wally's Biography:

John Wallace (Wally) Stephenson was born on a farm near Toronto, Ontario. After high school Wally worked for Kodak. During that time he sensed a deep void in his life. Through reading a Gideon New Testament and the encouragement of a friend, Wally was born again. He was baptized and joined a Baptist church. Sensing God's call to preach, Wally attended London (Ontario) Bible College and graduated in 1962. Later, he received the Masters of Divinity from Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto. He was a pastor in Ontario for 29 years during which he planted two churches and pastored several others.

In 1991 he joined ABWE and served as a church planter in Cape Town, South Africa. While on furlough in 1993, Wally's wife and only daughter were killed in a car accident. Wally continued his pastoral work in South Africa until April 1996.

As part of the healing process, Wally began writing what has become the book Through Tears to Triumph. The book has been greatly used among people who are working through grief themselves, and even more helpful for caregivers, pastors and others who are helping people cope with any type of loss. Wally has developed "Helping Hurting People" seminars, which give practical advice and a scriptural foundation for working through grief and loss.

In July 1996 the ABWE Board appointed Wally as the International Director of Compassionate Ministries. His duties include conducting seminars, counseling, and writing.

Wally has one son, daughter-in-law, and two small granddaughters.